Words Worth Us

It's been a few decades since words and phrases on our clothes and accessories became popular as a way to announce an aspect of our identity. The choices in apparel are many but in jewelry, while there are meaningful words to hang around your neck, I thought design-wise, there was room for improvement. So I started sketching in the hopes of adding something interesting and beautiful to the market. My first collection, Words Worth Us, is the result. Inspired by paper cutting traditions from around the world, the line is entirely made in the US. The pendants and chain are produced in Massachusetts and the powder coating is done in Connecticut. Plus it's local; all my suppliers are no more than a two hour drive from my home. 


My training is in art and design and you can see my paintings here: jennykraussstudio.com. Kusa Studio is my second brand. For over a decade I've been working with indigenous Peruvians to produce embroidered textiles. (jennykrauss.com) That business is still going strong and Kusa Studio exists alongside it as a way to keep life interesting by exploring new endeavors. 

Thanks for your interest,

Jenny Krauss